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About Basil's 

Pizza's been part of the culinary backdrop for many centuries now and there are all kinds of different types.  


Even though we're just in a trailer, we're confident we offer the best frozen pizzas to bake at home that you'll find anywhere!  And yes, they're baked here in our trailer on Salt Spring Island.  Though we started out as a full blown hot pizza trailer, we've slowly transformed in to making the best par baked frozen pizzas you will ever taste.  What sets Basil's apart is that we not only hand make our dough on site, that's a given, but it's also made from our own unique sourdough starter that we've nurtured for over five years from its birth right here on Salt Spring island. It's the result of a three day minimum process and that's what gives it the wonderful unique flavour that you won't find anywhere else and stays true to the 'it's all in the crust' mantra of the Italians.  We're confident that we provide some of the finest pizza you'll find anywhere.


But that's just the start.  Then we take our proofed dough and hand stretch it and when it's the perfect size, and we've added our tasty base, we top it with fresh, natural ingredients in flavour combinations that will have you coming back for more.  


With our support of local farmers and our use of local, fresh ingredients, we hope Basil's will become one of your favourites whether you're a visitor or an islander.




Are your pizzas gluten free?

Sadly we are unable to offer a completely gluten free crust due to the limited floor space of our operation and the possibility for cross contamination. However, we're happy to report that all our pizzas are 80 - 90% gluten reduced. That's because our pizza crusts are sourdough and proofed allowing time for the dough to consume much of gluten thereby making the crust more easily digested and less 'heavy' on the stomach. 


Many of our customers who report that they have discomfort associated with eating gluten, come back and tell us that they have had an enjoyable time eating our pizza with no ill effects.  However, we must re-iterate these pizzas are not safe for celiac sufferers.

Our Story

When we first got the lot you can see that it needed a little TLC and that's being kind.   We pulled all kinds of garbage out of there including six rain soaked sofas, broken TV's, you name it. Everything was entwined in overgrown vines which made it even harder to extract things.   Nevertheless even though you only see Jos below the whole family went to work. See the pictures below.

The trailer had its own story but...that's another story.

Major Mess!

Can't pass the prairies without the moose.

Over the mountains at Rogers Pass. Easy...not!

One of the sofas we talked about.

Almost there!

Small improvements.

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