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Basil's Pizza Menu

Our Frozen Wood Fired Pizza on Salt Spring Island 

Now Selling Exclusively at Country Grocer

Pizzas are available in three types,  Margherita, Hot Salami and Mild Salami.


Organic Sourdough Crust with Fior D'Latte Cheese, Organic Tomato Sauce, Fresh Basil & Sea Salt

Salami (hot or mild) 

Organic Sourdough Crust with organic tomato sauce, Calabrese salami (hot) or Soppressata (mild) Salami, fresh Mozza, fresh Parmesan and fresh oregano.

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Baking Instructions.

Pre-heat your oven to as hot as you can get it (at least 450 degrees.)  Remove all packaging and place the frozen pizza directly on your oven rack - mid oven preferably.  Watch and remove when the cheese on top is bubbling and the crust is done to your preference, usually 3 - 6 minutes.  Microwave cooking is NOT recommended.  

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