136 McPhillips Avenue

(At the corner of Jackson Avenue and McPhilips (behind the hedge beyond the parking lot).  

Salt Spring Island

British Columbia.

Phone:  250 537 0005

Summer Hours: 

           4 - 8pm Wednesday - Saturday

We do get very busy so please call ahead to avoid disappointment as we have limited space and often get booked right up to closing.  Many people start calling from early afternoon onwards.  If you leave a message when we are not 'open' we will get back to you when we are, in the order the messages were received.

We also have a number of options available.  Order your pizza in advance par baked (half baked) and finish at home in 2 - 4 minutes.  Or order fully baked and cut (ready to eat).  We also have a very popular range of frozen pizzas that are available in Margherita and Salami.  The price for the latter is $18.50

Thank you.