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Basil's Pizza is Salt Spring's Own Artisan Wood-Fired Pizza Trailer, a small family business making the best wood-fired frozen pizzas available anywhere.

Organic, gluten reduced sourdough crust, featuring organic and local quality ingredients and ready in finish in your home oven in just 3 - 6  minutes!

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Fresh Tomatoes can be added at home.

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Does cooking pizza in a wood fired traditional oven really make a difference to taste?


At Basil's pizza, we believe it does but the wood-fired part is only one part of making the best pizza.  When cooking artisan wood-fired pizza, it all starts with the crust. The Italians say, "The crust is the engine of the pizza" and they ought to know.  That's why we're particularly proud of our crust and we're confident, it's a standout.  


Artisan Wood-Fired Pizza That Uses Only The Freshest Of Ingredients

Buy Our Artisan Wood Fired Pizza and Take Your Pizza Home To Enjoy.

Find Us On Beautiful Salt Spring Island

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